Songs I Wish I Wrote

by Anthony LaMarca

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This collection is not one of my favorite songs, nor is it complete in any way. If it is trying to paint a picture of my musical history, it is largely flawed and dishonest. It leaves out works of artists who shaped my own appreciation and aesthetic in favor for, as the title suggests, songs I wish I wrote, or rather the kind of songs I wish I could write.
While I do write songs with The Building, they are always personal and central to a theme; servants of the larger album they eventually end up on. So consider this my time to not be me, to take a moment and pretend I am a great showman, a broadway romanticist. Not worrying about a song's function but simply enjoying the melody, or the everlasting power of a love song.
Some of these versions are quite faithful to the originals, maybe too much so. But it seemed important to keep their identity intact rather than attempt to make them my own. If I had an orchestra at my disposal they would be even more true to the arrangement, but guitars and Casios are what were near by. For those that do stray, they don't stray too far ('Just A Gigolo' in the style of Los Indios Tabajaras and 'Moonlight Serenade' in the style of a roller rink); they all seem delightfully at home on some never released RCA Victor LP.
In the end this is meant to be a fun album. They were a joy to record, it has a funny Slim Whitman-esque title, and it sounds like a different generation. Take some time to just enjoy them as gorgeous songs and absolutely spend time with the original versions and the artists from which they come.


released January 15, 2013

Performed / Recorded by Anthony LaMarca at home.
Cello on Crying by Megan LaMarca
Cover photo by David Pokrivnak

Just A Gigolo - Caesar/Casucci/Brammer
Tears On My Pillow - Bradford/Lewis
Crying - Orbison/Melson
I’d Love Just Once To See You - Wilson/Love
Maria - Bernstein/Sondheim
Pure Imagination - Bricusse/Newley
I Don’t Want To Live On The Moon - Moss
We’re Gonna Make It - Davis/Smith/Miner
Big White Cloud - Cale
Moonlight Serenade - Miller



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Anthony LaMarca Youngstown, Ohio

Anthony LaMarca is a member of The Building and co-founder of Primary Records. He has also recorded and performed with Dean & Britta, The War On Drugs, St Vincent, JBM, Leverage Models, and many others on the Primary label.

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